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The Wizard

1. What kind of wood is your wand be made of? Go to the Celtic Wood Chart and find which according to your birth date. (This is similar to the traditional horoscopes.) Then copy-paste the description here. Bold traits that describe you very well and strike those that do not apply to you whatsoever. Then provide a brief commentary on how accurate you think these traits are in the scope of your nature and personality.

January 21 - February 17</font>

"The 'new moon' Rowan individual tends to become impatient and frustrated in the
struggle toward a greater awareness. Although such Rowans may never be quite
reticent on a personal level, they will nonetheless help to pioneer great social
changes with reforming zeal. The 'full moon' Rowan individuals are less reticent
all around, but are inclined to promise more than they are able to deliver.
However, this will not negate their powerful influence and inspiration, and
their response to every situation is primarily directed toward asserting the
rights of the individual."

Idealistic. Progressive thinker. Visionary mind. Humanitarian.
Spiritual principles. Thrives on change. Impatient with convention. Hates
restriction. Artistic. Original.  Unconventional. Detached and aloof. Cool
temperament. Disguises many passionate beliefs. Need is always present to argue
case against bigotry and ignorance. If unable to find an outlet for their
powerful imagination, easily becomes restless and quarrelsome. True individual.
Hates conformity. Natural born leader
. Often adopts unpopular causes but has
very few followers. Kind. Thoughtful. Does not like to follow so has serious
authority issues. Excellent listener.
Very respectful of others' opinions.
Unconventional approach to life. Tendency to be a little tactless and may
alienate people
. Diverse interests. Tends to tinker with everything since
extremely inventive by nature. Sense of humor leans a little toward the odd
. Possesses a natural curiosity in science fiction and the concept of UFOs.
Musically inclined. Enjoys the works of modern or relatively obscure musicians
and composers. Tends to be somewhat unromantic by nature. Reluctant to lightly
make a commitment. Reluctant to relinquish personal freedom. </font>

2. How do you think you would use magic? On a day to day basis? Over your entire lifespan?
I think I would use magic for all sorts of things, from simple things like getting something thats not near me, to helping levitate a sleeping even things like healing a cut or fixing broken things. I would also use it for defense and protection. It would be a lot easier to protect myself if I could throw out a protego charm. I think over a life span it would be used in my job, family, to mess with my best friends and even to just learn some new things that I might find useful in my day to day life. I would like to have the ability to use privacy charms so that convos and such are not being over heard.

3. What are your strongest personality traits? Your weakest?
Honesty I am an honest person. That isn't to say that I never lie, so don't get me wrong. I have lied to my parents plenty of times, but when it comes to who a person is or how I really feel about something I will always be honest. I dont see a need to lie about who you are or what you think.
Loyalty I am a very loyal person. Once I have become close to you I will defend you until death.
Strength I am a very strong person. I have been through many, many horrible things in my life and I will always take it as it comes and keep going. I will always stand up to things and never back down from what I believe in even if it means I might die.

Some weaknesses..
Stubborn I am so stubborn...I have a need to do things myself and rarley ask or like to have help. Like when my mother and sister died, I didnt want to talk about it...I didnt want help dealing with it or anything. I just wanted to be alone and to not even thing about it.
Emotions I am really REALLY bad at telling people how I feel, and even worse than that at showing people how I feel. I am romantic and feel very strong emotions towards people but I am not very good at telling them that I feel that way.

4. If you could solve world hunger by killing one person would you? Explain why or why not.
That depends, if that person was causing world hunger or trying to at least, then yeah I would. But if you mean that by killing some random person to end it then I would try to solve it by some other way even if it took everything out of me.

5. Who would you say is your role model? Explain.
I would say that my role model is..myself. Not to sound conceded. I just look to myself for strength. I trust myself and I turn to myself when I need something. I don't know..I just feel that if I want to look to someone for what I should believe in I should only look at myself. Don't get me wrong, my friends are very importand and give me a lot of insite and values but I still look to myself when I need to know what I want to become.

6. How do you respond to confrontation?
I don't mind confrontation. I will take it on anyday and I don't mind that people see things different than me. I will always stand up for what I think, though I won't go pick a fight with someone I will stand up for myself. Im not one to usually go around trying to piss people off, though I do it a lot by just telling the truth. And I will always stand up for myself and tell people when I think they are wrong.

7. What values are important in your life?
Being honest and loyal are the to most important things to me. I think that you should always be honest with yourself and others and I think that if you feel something your you care about something you should stand up for it and never betray it. It means so much to me when someone I care about defends me and is a loyal and honest friend that I know I can count on. I also think that it is important for a person to respect and love themself. Without that you cannot respect or love anyone else. You have to like who you are in order to feel good about your life. It is very important to me to help people love themselves and show them that you dont need to change yourself because it is who you are that makes you stand out and someone..somewhere will love everything about you.

8. If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into?
Im not sure. I fear only being afraid. I dont have fears. I am not afraid to die..or afraid of spiders..I am just afraid of being afraid. I dont like to think about that feeling..It makes me afraid. Heh That sounds weird but I guess that is all I am really afraid of. I guess I have faced everything that people are typically afraid of and I know that there is nothing to fear from it. Everyone dies, I know I will and I know that people will die around me. I will be sad if they do, but I am not afraid of it. I will do anything even if I might die from it, because if I do die from it, at least I will have done something with my life. I dont fear spiders or anything else, because physical and mental pain will always heal, even if it seems like it wont. I guess just the thought or the feeling of being scared is what scares me.

The World

9. What makes a person respectable?
Like I said, someone who is honest. Every one tells lies, but it is the people who never lie about who they are or what they represent that I truly respect. I think that someone who cares for others and with give without a single thought of recieving. That to me is a person that I can honestly respect and look up to as a person.

10. Which of the basic elements do you identify with the most: Earth, Air, Fire, or Water?
Air, air is so free. Wonders wherever life takes it. Air is free and flexable. It roams everywhere and has such a strong..yet relaxing feeling to it. Air is something that, like me, can be very calm and the next minute seem to loose control and shift moods. Yet, always seems to be there and always makes people feel free and worry free.

11. Do you believe there can be a truly selfless act?
Yes, I do because I do selfless acts all the time. I can give without any thought of return and I dont need to be recognized for it. I wish I could give examples of my selfless acts, but I really dont want to because I dont want you to pick me for the things that I do for others. I dont want people to say 'oh how nice you did that for someone' I just want to do it. I think that plenty of people have the potential to give selfless acts and be true about it.

12. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
Puerto Rico, because I was born there and I feel like I left a part of me there. I love it there, it is beautiful and so full of hope for me. That is where my life started and where I lived before my life began to fall out of my control and seem like it would never get better. I often as a younger teen, when life would get unbearable, would sit in my room and think about walking down the beach holding my mothers hand. What I would do now to take my daughter there and walk down that beach with her. I cant wait until the day I can go again and create more memories to hold onto when I have nothing else.

The Reader

13. Have you read all of the Harry Potter Books? If yes, which book is your favorite and why? If no, which book is your favorite so far and why haven't you finished the rest?

14. Who is your favorite character in the HP series? Why?
I actually have two favorite characters for two very different reasons. Though most people think that there are different reasons. First is Harry, and not because he is the main character, but because throughout reading HP I have found that me and Harry are actually quit a lot alike. We both were lied to as children, and share many of the same qualities and faults. Though I do see a lot of things that are perhaps a difference, I cannot help but relate to his character and all of the things his character must go through and overcome. Secondly is Ginny (again, I know..not why you think though) because she is such a strong character. She has grown up so much and is truly a very strong and set girl. She has had to deal with love and hurt, and the dark lord. I think that she is very respectable and inspiring.

15. Which character is your least favorite in the HP series? Why?
I think that my least favorite character is Percy, because he abandons his family for his own binifit and doesn't even think to check on them when he knows the dark lord has singled them out. I think he is so caught up in getting away from the title of a blood traitor that he is willing to leave everyone behind that loves him. He aslo doesn't seem to fit into the weasly family, they are all so funny and loving. Though in the last book he does come back, I feel it is more out of fear and regret then a true desire to stand behind his family.

16. If you were a part of the HP series, what canon character(s) would you be friends with and why? Which character(s) do you think you would not get along with?

I would be friends with everyone in the DA. They are all so much like the friends that I have now. With the rebelious attitude and the loyalty that they hold for one another. I think that having friends like them, that would stand behind me and put their lives on the line for mine are the type of friends that I always look for. I don't think I would get along with Cho though just because she puts herself and her feelings out without even caring for others, or at least thats what I get out of it. I don't think that I would be friends with Malfoy though I do think he is a great character. I wouldn't have friends that are always lying and trying to get people into trouble for their personal gain.

17. Choose a quote from one of the HP books. ANY quote. Be sure to cite who said it and explain why it is your favorite.

now thats hard..

"But this is touching Severus," said Dumbledore seriously. "Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?"
"For him?" shouted Snape. "Expecto Patronum!"
"After all this time?"
"Always," said Snape.

I love this quote above them all because is shows that Snape does care for Harry. This man who had always hidden his feelings and put on a tuff guy image had done it all for a purpose and that this boy he had always seemed to hate he had really loved. I like it because I am the same way. I will care for someone but show nothing of the sort. I think that it is just such a well written..very touching quote.

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My favorite HP spell is Accio because it is such a useful spell and comes in handy in everyday life and special situations as well. I think that it is one spell that all Witches and Wizards find both useful and needed.
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