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Name Stephy
Age Eighteen
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The Wizard

1. What kind of wood is your wand be made of? Go to the Celtic Wood Chart and find which according to your birth date. (This is similar to the traditional horoscopes.) Then copy-paste the description here. Bold traits that describe you very well and strike those that do not apply to you whatsoever. Then provide a brief commentary on how accurate you think these traits are in the scope of your nature and personality.

December 24 - January 20
"The 'new moon' Birch individual has a more impulsive and emotional nature, but is inclined to be subjective and/or introverted. The positive traits of these people are displayed by their resolve or faith in themselves in overcoming all obstacles, thereby being more tenancious in pursuing their objectives in life. The 'full moon' Birch individual possesses a clarity of purpose combined with a visionary nature. Such people are inclined to be more objective and/or extroverted. The characteristic negative traits, however, hinge upon a lack of reality which can sometimes cloud the judgment."

Determined. Resilient. Ambitious. Goal-oriented. Excellent leader. Good organizer. Supreme strategist. Usually undeterred by setbacks. Possess intense need to succeed. Believes hard work, patience and persistence will eventually triumph. Loyal. Reliable. Trustworthy. Prone to be reserved in displays of affection. Sociable with specific people. Tendency to grow cynical. Thrives best under a well-regimented lifestyle. Often known as the "workaholic" of society. Serious by nature. Droll sense of humor. Obsessive about health.(I won't say completely obsessive, but I'm up there, so I didn't bold it) Prefers to keep a low profile. Does not flaunt successes. Acute sense of money. Pessimistic attitude at times. May impose large amount of self-discipline. Tendency to experience loneliness. Needs a goal in life in order to avoid becoming depressed and pessimistic.

I agree with all of the traits that I bolded in the description, however in the little blurb about the person I'd have to say that I am not an extroverted person, infact I am oddly very introverted, and shy around others. I have a hard time adjusting to new situations, and find that it's easy to fall back on what I know, and my bestfriend in times of need. I posess a mentality, and sorry for a semi-housepushing moment here, of Hermione Granger in the sense that I stick with my friends, be there. As well, I have a tendancy to fall down when I fail at something, rather than stick it out no matter what, I experience moments where I feel like giving up. I cannot overcome all obstacles, I have decided to accept this, sometimes we just can't.

2. How do you think you would use magic? On a day to day basis? Over your entire lifespan? On a day to day basis I might use magic for jobs like the dishes, unless I had a dish washer because to be honest with you, I'd have no real reason to use magic to do my dishes if I had a dish washer, it's like magic in itself. The only thing I'd have to do is load the dishes. On a day to day basis, I don't believe I'd use it as much as a lot of people would, I'd try to survive without using it as much. However, over my entire lifespan I might use it for instances where I have to face "evils" of a sort, my own evils. Instances where I have to face issues I'm not comfortable in, I might use it to better the life of others around me, I might use it to save someone from being mugged, or attacked on the street, I might use it to help a friend.

3. What are your strongest personality traits? Your weakest?
I always have an issue with this question, because I don't tend to rely on myself to come up with strong personality traits, My friends tell me, My parents tell me, My teachers tell me and I act upon them, and use them in instances like this. At a pinch, I might say my strongest personality traits are my honesty, and my loyalty. I believe in being honest with my friends and family, and those around me, and I believe in being a loyal person, loyal to your country, loyal to your friends, and I'm not sure if one would call them personality traits, but I consider them part of my personality. My weakest is my intraversion, I'm secluded and often accept zero help to overcome my problems, I need to work on this.

4. If you could solve world hunger by killing one person would you? Explain why or why not.No, I would not "solve" world hunger by killing one person, because as it stands at the present moment, and as it is predicted to stand in the future world hunger is not something that can be solved on a single act, world hunger can only be solved if we, pardon the cheesy moment, "work together" to find some unity in our cultures. If we ever intend on "solving" world hunger, we need to find unity between each other, and blowing each other up in the meantime isn't going to do that. Therefore, no.

5. Who would you say is your role model? Explain.
My role model is Elton John. For the simple reason that, when he was in school his teacher told him that he'd never amount to anything, because of his weak singing voice. Well, look how far he came? look what a musical diva he is, look at the accomplishments. Somewhere, I bet his teacher was kicking him or herself when he reached number one on the music charts. He worked through life, and worked for what he wanted. I need to do the same, as a character in a film once said, "Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be clever. Some people are born clever, same way some people are born beautiful. I'm not one of those people." The rest of the quote is to the effect of, "I've had to work for what I want."

6. How do you respond to confrontation?
In most cases I stand up for what I believe, if my beliefs attract confrontation then I battle it in the moment, I do not walk away and abandon my beliefs simply because a person, an amount of people, a society want to contradict them. I believe in standing up for what you believe in, and so I would confront them. I don't injure, all my confrontations are dealt with in a mature and serious manner, no name calling, no ridiculous attitude. I try to be civil.

7. What values are important in your life?
Values like staying true to yourself, never losing sight of your past, and where you came from, staying loyal to those who are loyal and loving to you. I put a lot in values like this, and not much in religious values. This is a ridiculously short answer for me, but it's straight forward and I hope it doesn't find me labeled as a squib.

8. If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into?
My boggart would turn into my dad lying in the hospital bed he occupied for several months after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, not because I'm scared he'll die. My boggart would turn into that moment, into that person, in that ailing position in life because that was where my childhood ended, that was where I gave up all freedom, and became who I am now. I don't want to lose anyway, and have to go through that moment once more. I don't want to have to lose my dad, and grow up even more, I don't want to go through that once more.

The World

9. What makes a person respectable?
Someone who has respect for others and their privacy, as well as their opinions and thoughts while still having their own views on things is what makes them a respectable person, I haven't much to say on this front, just my basic description of what I believe a respectable person is. Don't shoot me!

10. Which of the basic elements do you identify with the most: Earth, Air, Fire, or Water?I mainly associate with Fire, as a whole. I have a lot of life in me despite my hard childhood, and the things that I have had to, I work for what I have and I believe that is the fire in me, I am firey in the sense that I work hard, I do what I need. Plus, I'm opinionated in every sense of the word, it makes me a firey personality, and hard to get along with sometimes.

11. Do you believe there can be a truly selfless act?
I think we want there to be a truly selfless act, and maybe somewhere there is, but you look at doctors without borders, one would call that a selfless act, helping those who cannot help themselves, but in reality there is some other motive behind it, I mean to be on television, to be noticed as a great mind, as a great doctor. I don't think at the moment, we can have a truly selfless act, when all our actions are controlled by greedy motives, no matter who you are.

12. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
If I could move anywhere in the world, I would move back home to England, back to Essex to live with my older family there. To be carefree, and wonderous in the place that I left behind so many years ago. Perhaps, I'd move to Edinburgh, because I've always found it to be a beautiful place.

The Reader

13. Have you read all of the Harry Potter Books? If yes, which book is your favorite and why? If no, which book is your favorite so far and why haven't you finished the rest?
I have read all the books, which really the exception of Chamber of Secrets, which I found to be a bad read. It's not that the facts of the book weren't "good," it's that the way it was put together was hard to read, I found it staggered and all over the place, and hence started it when it came out, but haven't finished it. Out of all the books I'd have to say that I cannot pick one, It's stuck between three, Order of the Phoenix, Half blood prince, and Deathly Hallows. They're all my favorite because of the darker aspect of the novels, this is the point in the story where Harry realizes where he has to go, what he has to do in order to survive this time around. In addition, I find the relationships between Ron, Hermione, Harry, and really Neville, Luna, Ginny, and the twins become a lot stronger, and more in a sense dependant.
14. Who is your favorite character in the HP series? Why?
Whole Heartedly, I can say completely that my favorite character is...Well, I have a hard time choosing just one. I relate to Hermione Granger, a lot because of her need for knowledge, and her need to take care of her friends not matter what, however I can relate to Luna Lovegood, as the sort of outcast girl in school, everyone thinks you're weird, etc. I choose Luna Lovegood, and Hermione Granger because I can relate to them.

15. Which character is your least favorite in the HP series? Why?
My least favorite character was always Cedric Diggory, everyone has always praised Cedric for actions he took, how he was so smart, etc. However, I've always seen Cedric as another arrogant ass (if I'm allowed to "swear"), one who thinks he's better than everyone else, despite whether or not he may be. There is general skill, and talent, and there is bragging and bragging, and making those around you feel small and insignificant, like their skill doesn't matter because you're amazing, and that is how I feel Cedric was protrayed, he was portrayed as someone who KNOWS he's skilled, and knows he can flaunt it.

16. If you were a part of the HP series, what canon character(s) would you be friends with and why? Which character(s) do you think you would not get along with?
I would be friends with, in all honesty, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Luna Lovegood. I can only really be friends with people I relate to, and although I dont wholy relate to Ron Weasley, I find his personality complimentary to mine. He's not a "stupid" character, he's not lacking in any intelligence, it's just he's always shown as comic relief, which in a lot of circumstances I find myself being, just the comic relief. Hermione granger, because we share like minds, we study hard, we keep our friends close, and try our hardest to keep things well oiled and together, and lastly Luna Lovegood because of my need to fit in with those who I consider equals, she hasn't really been shown with "friends" and in Deathly Hallows you see her bedroom, decorated with pictures of her friends, something the trio had no idea about.

17. Choose a quote from one of the HP books. ANY quote. Be sure to cite who said it and explain why it is your favorite.
'Death's got an Invisibility Cloak?' Harry interrupted again.

'So he can sneak up on people,' said Ron. 'Sometimes he gets bored of running at them, flapping his arms and shrieking...'

It's Harry speaking to Ron, and Ron's reply. I love Ron's comic relief in a time of need, throughout the book the "darkness" comes down upon them as a trio and tests their friendships, and Ron's ability to throw in some comic relief along the way helps for the book to adjust from a childhood favorite to an adult love.

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Favorite Spell from the Harry Potter Series: Accio, because my that's my cats name. Really, it is.
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