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Ooh, an application!

Name Tara
Age 16
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The Wizard

1. What kind of wood is your wand be made of? Go to the Celtic Wood Chart and find which according to your birth date. (This is similar to the traditional horoscopes.) Then copy-paste the description here. Bold traits that describe you very well and strike those that do not apply to you whatsoever. Then provide a brief commentary on how accurate you think these traits are in the scope of your nature and personality.

April 15 - May 12

"The 'new moon' Willow individual tends to more inclined to sudden mood changes and displays more unreliable character traits. These people are however receptive to change and quick to take advantage of any opportunity which presents itself. The "full moon" Willow individual tends to disregard advice, even though his or her own reasoning power often lacks credibility. The "'ull moon' Willow is, however, the most resourceful of the two types and is blessed with an even more exceptional memory than his or her 'new moon' counterpart. "

Articulate. Strong-willed. Resourceful. Touches upon all aspects of nature and its association with the Moon. Emotional. Enigmatic. Responds quickly in situations. Prone to sudden mood changes. Difficult to get to know. Shrewd. Practical. Brilliant inventor. Drawn to the unexplained mysteries of life. A passive tenacity. An extraordinarily wise counselor. Protective of loved ones. Often reluctant to forgive and forget. Usually employed in very responsible positions. Counted among the best teachers. Seldom expresses a controversial opinion in public. Posseses an overactive imagination. Tends to fret needlessly about health matters. Deep interest in family loyalty and history and usually becomes the family genealogist. Incredibly difficult to get to know due to the type of "veil" personality which hides a great deal. Sense of humor is not always easy to define. Blessed with a potential wisdom. Makes a wise advisor. Usually a valued member of society.

*”Some will fail to fit the character pictures described above. These are, in every sense, the great magicians of the world. Appearing on the surface to be the most conventional of human beings, he or she will be experiencing an incredible inner life or imagination.”

This is so me, it's scary. Haha. I'm an Aries, and this is basically within the Aries "realm", if you may. I have a strong personality and you would have no problem getting to know me. I fall victim to so many mood swings, but I do have a sense of humor. It is quite definable, I must say. My personality is mapped out in a matter of striking and bolding. I feel reluctant to forgive and forget sometimes because my pride gets in the way, but I lean towards it in the end.

2. How do you think you would use magic? On a day to day basis? Over your entire lifespan?
I would use magic in a way that would be fun, but also in a way that I won't be hurting anyone. I'd use it in a sort of practical way, with the occasional trouble making in between. I'd have to say that it would help me a great deal if I used magic in doing my chores and my homework in my day to day life, but if I were to think about it in terms of my entire lifespan, I'd use magic to help not just myself but other people as well. If someone were in trouble, especially someone close to my heart, I will not hesitate to pull out my wand and come to their aid, because they mean so much to me.

3. What are your strongest personality traits? Your weakest?
I'd have to say that my strongest traits are my being caring, passionate, friendly and open-minded. I have one of the biggest hearts you'll ever see in your lives. I practically bleed whenever I see someone I know hurt, in doubt or in pain. I can never bear not trying to help them. I have passion burning through me like fire whenever I'm lit up. When I feel for something ever so strongly, I see it all the way through and I have no problem speaking what's on my mind. I'm someone who's easy to get along with and I love meeting new people and making friends. I'm not some intimidating person. I'm willing to get to know you if you're willing to get to know me too. I have a lot of beliefs and convictions but I'm open-minded enough to respect yours and other people's. I believe we should all be willing to hear what others have to say. We'd all get along so much better.

My weakest traits are being stubborn, lazy and proud. I can be such a spoiled brat sometimes (ask my boyfriend) and my stubbornness and pride get in the way of our relationship. When I said I stick to what I believe in, I really mean it. Sometimes it gets the better of me and I need a great big push to get me to see another's side of things. Not all the time, though, thank God. I procrastinate. A lot. More than a lot, even. It's gotten me into trouble quite a couple of times, especially in school. It's not that I don't want to do the work. It's just that sometimes I have an attention span the size of a peanut, or that I feel like a huge couch (or computer chair) potato that I can't bring myself to do anything. But we all get like that at some points, don't we?

4. If you could solve world hunger by killing one person would you? Explain why or why not.
No, I wouldn't kill one person to solve world hunger even if I could. Honestly, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. If I think about it long and hard, I don't think the loss of one person in this world by my own hands will be enough to stop world hunger at all. The reality is there will always be those who can achieve their daily food needs and those who cannot. And it's not like those who can always share or anything. I'd rather stop world hunger by treating everyone equally and trying to help to the best I can, in a non-violent matter.

5. Who would you say is your role model? Explain.
My role model right now is simply my dad. Don't get me wrong, mom, I love you so much, but for the here and now, dad takes it. He's been away from us since I was in the fifth grade (working abroad) and now he's back here taking care of us. He's not working, he mainly just drives us to and from school, but I admire his strength ever so much. My mom is working abroad right now, and they recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary away from each other. It's clear to me how it pains him for all of us to be separated, yet he still shows us he loves us and he cares about us. He's the best father in the world, and he's also responsible for my faith. He used to be a drunk living without a care in the world, but after he encountered the Lord, he's a completely different person. It took strength to change like that. I admire him so much for it, plus countless other things.

6. How do you respond to confrontation?
Well normally I get the urge to blow up really, really bad. I can hardly be pushed away from what I believe in. But when I'm confronted, I let all the negativity boil up inside me for a while and I try to relax, then respond in a rational manner. This normally involves me thinking things over about a million times and great amounts of self-restraint because my mouth tends to rattle off. Overall though, I really try to keep a level head. I don't compromise my principles, but I respond in such a way that we can make ends meet.

7. What values are important in your life?
a. Honesty to yourself. I can't stand it when people try to be someone they're not just to please other people. Mainly because I've been there before, but now I know better. I believe that you're made who you are for a reason, and that there should be nothing to hide. You shouldn't be afraid to show who you are. If people don't accept you for you now, they're never gonna accept you in the future. Think about it.
b. Loyalty. Especially the one to your family and friends. I don't wanna just walk away from somebody if they did something wrong, or are accused of doing something wrong. Where's the care in that? Chances are, they'll need you then more than ever because they probably need someone to believe in them. I for one would love nothing more than to have someone at my side, every step of the way, supporting me and just being there, no matter how crazy I get.
c. Happiness. Is this a value? I'm sorry if I consider it one, but it's very very important to me. I don't like seeing sadness, even though that makes up the reality of the world. I live to make people happy. I want to be able to put smiles on people's faces, and I am a very optimistic person. I enjoy being with people who are happy and I love it when we're all happy together. Heehee.

8. If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into?
It would turn into a masked man pointing a gun straight at me, undoubtedly letting me know that it's my time to go. I'm scared of death. Maybe because I fear pain. Maybe because I fear the unknown. What's going to happen to me? Where am I going? Or maybe it's because I feel I still have so much to do in life, so much more to see and to accomplish, that I can't afford to just go yet. It's a fear and a challenge at the same time.

The World

9. What makes a person respectable?
A person is respectable if he knows how to respect. First and foremost, if he knows how to respect himself, because lots of people are losing that nowadays. If he respects his body as it is and wants to keep it healthy, he'll work hard at that and not try to mess himself up. Secondly if he respects other people. I wouldn't respect someone who just lashes out at everyone or doesn't respect a woman's dignity. I wouldn't respect anyone who violates children's rights.

A person is respectable if he is able to stand up for himself and for what he believes in, no matter what. If he stays true to who he is. That gets my utmost respect because in a world filled with peer pressure, it would be refreshing to see someone who isn't swept away by the tide.

10. Which of the basic elements do you identify with the most: Earth, Air, Fire, or Water?
I feel I can identify most with Air because, as my sister said, I'm carefree. Air is practically everywhere and I suppose I'm like that too because you can see me with different groups of friend here and there. Air is also surprising though. It can go from a gentle breeze to a harsh wind in seconds. Remember what I said about mood swings? Yeah. Air is unpredictable, just like I am. It keeps an element of surprise about, and I'd like to believe that I do, too.

11. Do you believe there can be a truly selfless act?
No. I would love to say yes, I really would, but after much thought, I'd have to say no. There are many a great attempts for truly selfless acts, but the thing is, somehow in the back of your mind, a tiny voice will endlessly be asking "what's in it for me?". Don't get me wrong, I think we can all keep trying, but human as we are, we are a wanting species. We can't help but want and want and want. We sort of love pleasing ourselves and when we do things we wonder what we can get in return. Subconsciously.

Although, if this is okay, I believe that my Savior dying on the cross for me was truly the most selfless act ever in the history of the world. But for humans? Don't think there could be. At least, not yet.

12. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
I would choose to live in Japan, because I am absolutely fascinated with its culture, people and language. It's a place I've never thought about before, but came to me when I "discovered" it last year in the form of my boyfriend's best friend. Since she was Japanese, I decided to look it up and I got hooked. Japan is a really unique place and one unlike any other in the world. There seems to be so much life and energy! I'd love to live in a place like that, even for just a while.

The Reader

13. Have you read all of the Harry Potter Books? If yes, which book is your favorite and why? If no, which book is your favorite so far and why haven't you finished the rest?
Oh yes I have! My favorite is Goblet of Fire because I've always wondered if there were other places in JK Rowling's Wizarding World that could be of interest besides Hogwarts, and boom, in comes the TriWizard Tournament! It's nice to see different kinds of wizards and witches aside from our very own Hogwarts ones, and this book made me feel like the Wizarding World is united in its own way, never mind the distance and the backgrounds. Meeting new cultures, even in fiction, is just spectacular to me.

14. Who is your favorite character in the HP series? Why?
Luna Lovegood, because she is different from everyone else, and is perfectly happy that way. She's the butt of one too many practical jokes, but that never got her down at all. She stays true to herself and still manages to crack me up. She has her quirks and she seems so real to me. Behind her charming exterior, though, is one heck of a fighter and an even bigger heck of a friend. She too has the element of surprise by her side and she is the most endearing character I've met by far.

15. Which character is your least favorite in the HP series? Why?
Hem, hem.

Dolores Umbridge, because she is a toad completely foul woman. She has this sickeningly sweet facade that's completely fake. She always believes that what she does is right. She thinks she's doing things for the greater good. But all of these are in her own mind, and nobody agrees. She was inhumane in how she gave Harry "lines" and that just angers me because that showed that she had zero respect for him.

16. If you were a part of the HP series, what canon character(s) would you be friends with and why? Which character(s) do you think you would not get along with?
I'd definitely be friends with Luna because I could relate to her quirks and adorable randomness, talking about anything under the sun. Haha. I could also be friends with Neville because I find Neville endearingly charming and would loved to have learned more about him. He's also a really strong person. I could probably befriend those two the most because we are all made of random awesomeness.

I don't think I would enjoy Draco's company very much. He can get "all talking and no walking" at times, and he would probably just pick on me a lot anyway. He bosses his friends around, and I wouldn't like that very much. And he can be quite scary, on account of he is surprisingly skillful (remember how he used the Room of Requirement back in Half-Blood Prince?) and resourceful.
17. Choose a quote from one of the HP books. ANY quote. Be sure to cite who said it and explain why it is your favorite.
"Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have." - Hermione to Ron, Order of the Phoenix

Well, first of all, this cracked me up. Haha. Second of all, this shows a nice and honest relationship between friends. Hermione told Ron, straight up, no fuss and to his face exactly what she thought of him at the moment, when he was being quite insensitive. I think we should all have friends like that, those who would be honest and tell us when we're being idiots, straight to our face, but in a not-so-hurtful way. Honesty is important in any relationship.

Date Journal Was Created: 2006-09-30 09:55:17
Favorite Spell: In all honesty, Accio cuz I can get really, really lazy, and it would be the most useful for someone like me who refuses to get up and get things for herself.
Where I Heard Of The Community: I read about it in tomorrowimokay's journal.

Thanks for the time, take care! :)

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