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Another applicant...

Name Jane.
Age 17.
Referral(If applicable insert username) harry_potter

The Wizard

1. What kind of wood is your wand be made of? Go to the Celtic Wood Chart and find which according to your birth date. (This is similar to the traditional horoscopes.) Then copy-paste the description here. Bold traits that describe you very well and strike those that do not apply to you whatsoever. Then provide a brief commentary on how accurate you think these traits are in the scope of your nature and personality.


June 10 - July 7

"The 'new moon' Oak individual is more inclined to take financial risks than his or her 'full moon' counterpart and makes personal committments which cannot be easily consolidated. On a more positive note, these people possess strong natural powers of leadership and the ability to rise above the human vices of greed or avarice. There is an element of self-sacrifice inherent in both the 'new moon' and the 'full moon' Oak, but those who fall under the jurisdiction of the 'full moon' are less inclined to make financial losses. These individuals are generally more flamboyant by nature and can be somewhat glory-seeking in character. Nonetheless, the 'full moon' Oak is a creative individual who is generous of spirit with an instinctive sense of survival."

Refreshing breadth of vision. Determined. Self-motivated. Enthusiastic. Responsible. High degree of personal magnetism. Natural leader. Great deal of integrity. Easily attracts and inspires others. Remains calm during a crisis. Not easily swayed by opposition. Serious-minded but often cheerful and optimistic. Keen sense of humor. Makes the best of a difficult situation. Does not give up easily. Unafraid to speak the truth in any given situation, regardless of consequences. Tends to lack discretion. Often takes financial risks. Deeply philosophical. Generous but prone to exaggerate. Inclined toward vanity. Drawn toward demanding professions. Frequently holds positions of power. Has an innate sense of fair play. Enjoys life's confrontations. Can be naive in the manner in which to place trust in others, especially concerning affairs of the heart. Often sets standards in love that are too difficult for partners to attain. Places great importance in moral issues.

I think this description doesn't describe me very well, some of the traits stated I found were hard to relate to. I did the best with what there was and I do agree with some of them. I do have a keen sense of humour, I can always usually be found laughing and cheerful. Although sometimes I think that is only when I am with other people, I guess I have a darker, more depressing side that I only show to myself. It's weird how my parents can say I am miserable when my friends say that I'm the most cheerful person they know. I'm a Gemini, so I guess I have a split personality which contradicts itself frequently. Generous but prone to exaggerate - I am quite generous, yet I find I exaggerate to compete with other people, and it's unconsciously done. I know alot of people who brag about things, and I lie alot to fit in I guess. I'm always worried about what people think of me and always want to give a right impression.

2. How do you think you would use magic? On a day to day basis? Over your entire lifespan?

I think I'd probably use the 'accio' spell in excess. I've found as I've gotten older, I've gotten lazier. And I kick myself frequently for it. (I'm talking like an old person here, good god. Haha.) I would probably use magic to compensate for all of the things I never have or had. I guess magic would be a good tool to help my family and friends get what they've never had too. And I guess it would be great to get myself out of tricky situations too. I have a short attention span and magic would be good to help with work that sometimes I just can't be bothered to do.

3. What are your strongest personality traits? Your weakest?

My strongest personality traits are probably that I'm a dreamer, I'm creative and have a quick instinct. I tend to dream about alot of things, rather than actually persuing them. I thrive on praise and I always see the worst traits in myself before I see the best. I consistantly compare myself to people by picking out what ways they are better than me. I'm extremely analytical sometimes, and I have a tendness to correct things. Like spellings. My friends call me a human dictionary sometimes, haha. I'm a person who instantly knows whether I'm going to like a person or not. First impressions are vital to me, as I never want to let a person down. I hate to say this, but I tend to lie alot, yet despise it when I'm the one being lied to. Yet I only lie to keep up with an ongoing impression. Say if someone asks me whether I did anything over the weekend, I say yes, when in reality the answer could be no. I lie to make my life sound more interesting than it already is. I am loyal though, so if someone asks me to do something, I do it. Another search for an ongoing approval.

My weakest personality traits are the tendancy to give up too easily, seeing the worst in myself and my fear of what people think of me. I'm the sort of person who gets bored by things easily, my Gemini personality shining through once again. If I find something too hard, I move on and try something else. Although my perfectionist personality trait tends to contradict that statement a little. I can lose my temper alot when I can't do something right. Frustration takes it's place after that. I snap at my family alot, especially when people don't have the courtesy to listen to what I have to say. Minor things can irritate me sometimes and I sometimes find myself getting worked up over them too much. Also I always isolate myself, I can be a little anti-social sometimes and pinpoint myself as someone who is in her own little world and is always misjudged. I've always seen myself as different and I don't seem to fit in easily. I'm horribly stubborn which is something I get from my father.

I really have a split personality. It's like sometimes I wear a metaphorical mask. My happiness on the outside is there to compensate for the things that hurt me on the inside. I'm a complex person indeed and often hard to read. Like a closed book.

4. If you could solve world hunger by killing one person would you? Explain why or why not.

Probably, yes. My attitude is that people die everyday. In order for there to be some peace in the world, there has always got to be an ultimate sacrifice, whatever that initially may be. I'm a person who is searching for approval, so by solving world hunger would give myself a sense of approval, not that I think killing people is a positive thing, of course not. But it's the whole world against one person. It overrules it.

5. Who would you say is your role model? Explain.

I tend to select celebrities as my role models. People who have the world in their hands and who everyone seems to like. People like Johnny Depp. I always loved his way and obscure way of thinking. I see alot of myself in him, just look up various quotes by him and they reflect myself. I always remembered Johnny mentioning something about how everyone is weird in their own way. That people should not be afraid of showing their true colours, to embrace the wacky, unique side of yourself. To look at yourself from the inside and forget about what's on the outside. To forget about what people think of you, and do things your own way.

is what a role model is for me.

Johnny sees the world like noone else has. He has a unique vision and is never afraid to be a little 'out-there' sometimes. He's unique and I see myself in him.

6. How do you respond to confrontation?

When I was younger, I steered away from any type of confrontation whatsoever. As I've gotten older I've learnt to stand up for myself much more and not to let anyone walk all over me, so to speak. I often saw myself as a human doormat as a child. Yet, I hate when there is conflict between me, my friends or family, because I'm worried about what I can lose if anything goes wrong. I don't seem to care as much if it is someone who doesn't really mean anything to me. If it's a stranger or someone I don't like, then I can probably confront them. It's weird how my mind can work that way.

7. What values are important in your life?

Family is incredibly important in my life. Ultimately they are what keep you grounded, you share their blood so you are always connected, wherever you are or however far apart you may be. Your family are the people who will always love you no matter what, they don't judge you and will always be honest, even if it's in a negative light. My family is the glue that holds me together and without them, what do I have and what is worth living for?

Friendship follows thereafter. I don't have many friends but I believe that the close friends you have are the ones that that truly count. I could be in a huge crowd of people, and still feel lonely without those who count.

8. If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into?

Now this is where I feel like I relate to a certain Harry Potter character. Hermione Granger. Her boggart was always herself, but failing a test. My boggart would be myself, failing anything really. I hate failure, as I have a fear of it. Failure is just the worst thing in the world for me, that panging of disappointment and self-loathing in your stomach. Ugh, it's just unbearable.

The World

9. What makes a person respectable?

Someone who stands up for what they believe in, who takes everything with a grain of salt. Someone who is fair, but not willing to let anyone get the better of them. Confidence means everything to me, if you're confident on the inside then that just shines on the outside. Someone who is strong-willed and someone who is able to inspire others without much effort.

10. Which of the basic elements do you identify with the most: Earth, Air, Fire, or Water?

I'm not that big on Astrology and elemental personality evaluations yet I'm going to attempt this with some form of consistancy. I think I am a mixture of Air and Fire. I am a dreamer and am often described as having my head in the clouds. I'm very independent and will always want to try things without help, to try to prove myself. I always follow my instincts, because I believe the first initial instinct is always the best, right thing to follow. I can be very moody and my temper can be fiery sometimes, especially when people persistantly push my buttons, metaphorically of course. I can say things that I don't intentionally mean without thinking, that inflicts hurt on others.

11. Do you believe there can be a truly selfless act?

Of course not. I think I remember something that Joey from Friends said. There is not one good deed that isn't selfless. We're human, we are all selfish sometimes. Although I do think that if I had to do something which I didn't want to do, but was *forced* to do it, then that's a selfless good deed, I suppose? Whatever we do, it's always going to effect someone somewhere. But it's a good question. It really makes you think.

12. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

Somewhere where it is hot and sunny, because I believe the weather can have a major influence on your mood. Although it would have to be a place where it's busy, because I'd hate to live in the countryside. It's too remote and far away from where the action or hussle and bussle is as I get too bored easily. Maybe somewhere like Calfornia in America? You've got the weather, the beaches, and you can never be bored because there is so much to see.

The Reader

13. Have you read all of the Harry Potter Books? If yes, which book is your favorite and why? If no, which book is your favorite so far and why haven't you finished the rest?

Of course. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't. I have to say my favourite is Prisoner of Azkaban. I'm not sure why, I kind of liked the idea of learning about Dementors and the constant fear of them that Harry had to get over to conjure a patronus charm. It's almost a moral, that you should always confront your fears however bad they make you feel because ultimately you can defeat them with a bit of determination and courage. I also have a soft spot for Sirius Black and how bad it must have been for him to be prejudiced like that, his strength as a animagus is very noble, being able to cope. I also loved the concept of travelling back in time to change the course of the future, even though we can never do that in real-life.

14. Who is your favorite character in the HP series? Why?

This is hard because I don't have a particular favourite. Many characters, I like different attributes of. They are all exciting and intriguing in their own ways. But if I really had to choose...probably Harry. I know it sounds a bit cliche going for the typical hero that everyone likes, but I really admire his courage. He is a great role model for young people. Yet, I really do like Sirius Black too. It was a shame we never really got to know more about his background and I like the twist of him being in Gryffindor whilst the rest of his family were Slytherins. To break free of a tradition that seemed very hostile maybe? I always loved Grimmauld Place, and the many fights he endured with his mothers portrait and house elf. I mean, c'mon, you've got to have some nerve and loyalty to go back to the place you'd rather burn down for the sake of your godson. He's great.

15. Which character is your least favorite in the HP series? Why?

Lavender Brown. She never really had that significance in the books for me. Her over-girlish giggliness and lovey-dovey attitude with Ron Weasley, irritated me off to no end. How Lavender was mesmerised by Professor Trelawney, when in reality her predictions are very inaccurate (except for the prophecy, as we all know). She only seemed to use Ron for a "kissing booth", it was really stupid with her little petty nicknames like "Won-Won". Oh my god. *vents frustration on nearby cushion*

I have a general dislike for people like that. ¬_¬ They seem so, simple minded.

16. If you were a part of the HP series, what canon character(s) would you be friends with and why? Which character(s) do you think you would not get along with?

I really think I would get on with Severus Snape. (From the days when he was a student in Hogwarts.) He was isolated like myself and often misjudged. I can empathise with him. We both share a passion for books.
I can also see myself being friends with Hermione Granger too. She seems like a person in which you could really have a good conversation with. Of course she loves reading too.
Also the Weasley twins since they would always be there to cheer you up and to have endless laughs with. I'm a person who loves to laugh, it's the best feeling in the world. They're weird and crazy, like me.
I also think I would be friends with Luna Lovegood. She never judges. She's a dreamer like myself. And weird, which I see myself as.

17. Choose a quote from one of the HP books. ANY quote. Be sure to cite who said it and explain why it is your favorite.

"The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing." - Severus Snape.

I don't really know why it's my favourite. I often see my mind as being very layered and complex, I sometimes get frustrated by my own thoughts. It also reflects on the idea that nothing is simple. I often see myself as a closed book and I give too many impressions that I am often hard to read. I have a split personality, I can be happy one day and miserable the next. I always think that Dumbledore gives the wisest quotes, but I always liked this particular Snape quote. It's just instinct. ;)

Date Journal Was Created: 28th January 2008.
Favorite Spell from the Harry Potter Series: Expecto Patronum.
Where you heard of our community. (If it was from a specific user, please include their LJ name, and if you remember, where the advertisement was): The user info section of harry_potter.
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